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More people, especially of late, have turned to healthy outdoor pursuits for mental and physical wellbeing. People are exercising, walking and cycling more. Water sports too are becoming more popular.

As an island nation many of our natural resources are underutilised. Three local lads, Kieran Geary, Donnchadh Mulcahy and Eoin Condon have taken the initiative and are actively promoting Kayaking in the area. With our proximity to the sea and various rivers it is an activity ideally suited to the locality. Indeed we are blessed with a plethora of beautiful lakes, rivers and waterways throughout the country.

Eoin, Donnchadh and Kieran (who have been friends from childhood) are into a variety of sporting activities. They have hurled and played football for Tallow up through the ages and also lined out for Brideview United. Whether it’s boating on the Blackwater or snowboarding in New Zealand the boys are up for it. They have been involved in kayaking over the last few years but since the start of this year they decided to take a more organised approach to establishing it. They formed MCG kayaks and also set up East Cork/ West Waterford kayaking group to facilitate discussions and exchange of ideas and information within the ever-growing Kayaking community.

It’s great to see a bit of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit coming to the fore. If anybody wants to get involved or need advice they can message MCG Kayaks on Facebook or call 085 224 9507.

We wish the lads well. Go neiri leo.

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