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Kayak accessories to make your life easier when you head out on the water. Use January10 as your Discount Code for 10% off all accessories.

Updated: Jan 5

We are finally seeing some sun, to help you get out on the water we have 10% off our accessories this Easter Weekend using code:Spring10 at checkout for our subscribers. Here we list some accessories which make your life easier when heading out.

1. Floating Waterproof 30litre Dry Bag

Worried about keeping your valuables dry while out kayaking? The you need a floating, waterproof dry bag. These durable heavy-duty dry bags allow you to take your keys, lunch or any other items on board without you needing to stress about anything getting wet. With all of our kayaks, we have a back storage area which is perfect for you to store your 30 litre dry bag.

Price € 20:00

2: Soft Roof Racks

Transport, transport, transport. While many people would love to take kayaking up as a new hobby, transport is seen as the biggest barrier to get to the water. As many customers do not want a permanent rack on their car, a soft roof rack offers the benefit of getting you out kayaking while also being a non-permanent fixture. Suitable for any four-door car, it is easy to setup also, this takes away the main problem of getting out on the water.

Price: €60:00

3. Waterproof Phone Case

The beauty we see from the water in Ireland is very special, we have the most beautiful country in the world. When you are out on the water, you want to share these experiences. Don’t be worried about getting your phone wet, this is easily preventable with a waterproof smart case. The waterproof phone case comes with a detachable lanyard to hang the case around your neck or waist. It provides the perfect protection for your phone from scratches, water, dust. While the completely clear design allows you to take underwater pictures.

Price €10:00

4. Kayak Trolley

Sometimes a little help is needed getting your kayak down to the water to some of your favourite places to paddle, to make your life easier a kayak trolley can be a worthy investment. With the right kayak trolley, you can turn make your long path to the water into a nice easy stroll down to the water’s edge. This also protects your kayak from scrapes and scratches. This is an essential kayak accessory for any paddler. Check out our MCG kayak trolleys. We offer two options.

Price: €60:00


Price €80:00

5. Kayak Roller

Having difficulty getting your kayak on to your soft roof rack or worried about damaging your car? A kayak roller is a product that can take the effort of getting your kayak to the water. Fitted with a double suction cup, you place it on the back window of your car, ensuring it is secure, it is easy to use and eases the pressure on your back lifting the kayak up.

Price: €50:00

We are always available to help with any questions you have or information you require.

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely Easter Break

MCG Kayaks

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Frank Campbell
Frank Campbell
Apr 06, 2023

Do you have covers for single & double kyaks

Replying to

Both are in stock Frank.

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