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MCG Tour of Ireland - Connemara

Updated: May 10, 2022

MCG Tour of Ireland - Connemara

Whether you are a seasoned kayaker, or a first timer looking for an adventure in the heart of the Gaeltacht this guide will tell you everything you need to know about Connemara.

Where to Kayak:

Mannin Bay Kayak Trails

The Coral Strand Beach, is the perfect launch point for a range of water-based activities. Entry to the beach is through the small car park. The sand is bright white and the water provides a clear view of everything passing below – Mannin Bay is like a slice of the Caribbean right here in Ireland. Coral Strand Beach is considerably quieter than the nearby Dog’s Bay which is also a popular choice for folks exploring this area.

For less experienced kayakers this section of the shoreline is perfect for a number of short ‘out and back’ kayak trips. Setting off to the right (north) paddle the 4.5 km round trip along the rocky shoreline towards and around the small island.

This trail can be extended into the small bay to the east of the island – this is approximately 7 km for the round trip.

A trip from Mannin Bay to Truska beach is an option for more experienced kayakers which is about 7 km each way.

Killary Bay

If you prefer to move a bit further up the coast you will meet the astonishing Killary fjord, which boasts the Killary Bay Blueway. Leenane Village or Nancy’s Point are both popular starting points. Rosroe Pier is close to the mouth of the fjord is a popular location for scuba divers and also a good start / end point for the kayak trails.

Killary Bay Kayak Trail

Nancy’s Point to Rosroe Harbour is an 11km long kayak trail along the fjord’s southern shore – 25 km if looped via the northern shore. There are a number of emergency exit points along the largely rocky southern shore but note that the northern shore is more remote and difficult to exit from in an emergency.

Bundorragha to Erriff is a 12km long looped trail which hugs the fjord’s largely rocky northern shoreline and passes close to the village of Leenane. Best undertaken in mid or high tide this trail can also be accessed / finished at Nancy’s Point.

Things to do (when you want a break from the kayak):

West Coast Bike Hire

VOYA Seaweed Baths @ Delphi

Where to stay:

Connemara Sands Hotel

Connemara Coast Hotel

Leenane Hotel

Allows pets:

Ard Na Mara Beach Cottage

Cashel House Hotel

Where to eat:

Fadó Pizza Truck, Clifden

O’Flaherty’s Seafood, Ardmore – Seaside Fish & Chips

D’Arcys Twelve, Clifden

Guys Bar, Clifden

Misunderstood Heron Food Shack

Griffins Bar, Clifden – Pub Grub

Glynsk House, Carna

What to bring:

Our 9ft Kayak is perfect for sea kayaking and this package includes the kayak, paddle, seat buoyancy aid and dry bag. This is the most popular package available from MCG kayaks and has everything you need to get you out on the water.

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