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Kayaking Safely - printable list and discount code

As we make our way into the bright summer months, kayakers are getting out on the water much more regularly. Whether you are out as part of a kayaking tour, or heading out on your own kayak it is vital to ensure your own safety and the safety of others while out on the water. To celebrate water safety week, we will be sharing a series of blog posts to help you to be as prepared as possible when heading out kayaking.

If you are a total beginner, or an experienced kayaker this series of blog posts will be the perfect reference point so make sure to bookmark this page or share with a friend to keep it on hand when planning your next kayaking trip. We have also included a printable PDF below to ensure nothing is forgotten!

Planning your route:

Your chosen route is one of the most important factors when kayaking safely, these top tips will assist you in planning the perfect outing based on your kayaking experience.

Try a tour: If you are a brand new kayaker, it is a good idea to try out a guided tour initially to get a feel for a kayak on the water. We run tours regularly, check out our website, social media or book using the link at the bottom of this article.

Small, calm bodies of water: Alternatively small bodies of water such as small lakes are always a good idea for your first time out on the water. It would be advised to stick to calm, flat water and leave the rapids and surf to the more experienced kayakers.

Popular routes: Planning your trip around an area that is popular with other paddlers is always a good idea too as these routes have been regularly tried and tested, and you are decreasing your margin for error if there are other kayakers around.

Don’t go alone: You should always kayak with a friend or in a group, and ensure to keep your group stays within earshot of each other in case anyone gets into difficulty.

Packing your bag:

Once you have planned your perfect route, it’s time to prepare for the things you can’t control.

This checklist is perfect for short recreational outings, and we have also created a printable PDF checklist here to ensure nothing important gets left behind.

MCG Kayaking Checklist
Download PDF • 259KB

All items available on our website are linked below. Use discount code watersafety for 10% off your order!

Kayaking Safely Checklist:

  • Kayak

  • Paddle

  • Bouyancy aid: this is non-negotiable. Never go out on the water without a buoyancy aid, and if you decide to bring a pet out on the water with you, they’ll need one too!

  • Helmet: protect yourself from a potential head injury with a helmet. Ensure the helmet fits correctly and that the chin strap is secure.

  • Dry bag: for personal items, comes as standard with all of our kayak packages.

  • Tow rope: in case someone in your group can’t get to shore on their own.

  • Headlamp/light with extra batteries in case you're out after dark.

  • Mobile phone in protective case

  • Whistle: Particularly important if you are kayaking in a group, in order to get the attention of others if you get into difficulty. Tip: attach it to your buoyancy aid.

  • Sun cream & sunglasses: sun protection is so important, particularly if you are out on the water for long periods.

  • First aid kit: a basic first aid kit with plasters, antiseptic wipes, gauze, gloves and saline is always good to have with you.

  • Water bottle: keep hydrated at all times.

  • Protein/energy snack

  • Watch

  • Appropriate clothing: the general rule of thumb would be to wear a wetsuit if the water temperature will be below 15°C. Alternatively, try to avoid cotton and wear clothing with quick drying properties.

Save this post for later or share with a friend to ensure your next outing on the water is as safe as possible!

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